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    Velate 262 Coalescent 
    Velate 262 is a clear organic liquid which is useful as a coalescing aid for water borne coatings. It is useful as a specialty plasticizer in some coatings applications.

    Velate 368 Coalescent 
    Velate? 368 is a low odor and low viscosity coalescent. By virtue of having lower odor than most coalescents, paints formulated with Velate 368 have minimal or no odor in freshly painted rooms.

    Product availability by region: Asia Pacific | Latin America | North America

    Velate 375 Coalescent 
    Velate? 375 is a non-phthalate, low VOC coalescent for waterborne coatings applications. This product is a very good alternative to conventional coalescents for formulating paints with very low VOC content without sacrificing surface appearance and durability.

    Product availability by region: Latin America | North America

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