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    Product description

    Regalrez? 1085 hydrocarbon resin is produced by polymerization and hydrogenation of pure monomer hydrocarbon feedstocks. It is highly stable, light colored, low molecular weight, nonpolar resin suggested for use in adhesives, coatings, sealants, and caulks. Regalrez? 1085 is especially suited to applications where the lowest color and most stability against weathering and thermal degradation is required. Regalrez? 1085 is suggested for use in elastomeric sealants and adhesives tapes where outdoor exposure will occur or where clarity and resistance to yellowing is a requirement. Due to its relatively low softening point Regalrez?1085 is especially useful in formulating systems designed to perform at low service temperatures such as freezer labels or exterior-use sealants. Regalrez? 1085 contians no added antioxidants of UV stabilizers.


    • Adhesives/sealants-B&C
    • Case & carton sealing closings
    • Film modification
    • Labels non food contact
    • Packaging components non food contact
    • Paints & coatings
    • Polymer modification
    • Protective coatings
    • Specialty tape
    • Tape non food contact
    • Tires
    • Wax ingredients

      Key attributes

      • Excellent thermal and UV stability
      • Fully hydrogenated
      • Highly stable
      • Low softening point
      • Water-white color

        Regulatory information and data sheets

        Product availability

        Check with local sales office to determine exact availability by country. Orders subjected to minimum order quantity.
        • Asia Pacific
        • Europe, Middle East, & Africa
        • Latin America
        • North America

        Authorized distributors

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