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    Product description

    Piccolastic? A5 hydrocarbon resin is a low molecular weight, light colored, polar, hydrocarbon resin derived from pure styrene monomer. Indicated for use in adhesives, coatings, plastics modification and rubber compounding, particularly as a plasticizer or softener. Using Piccolastic? A5 in an adhesive system can improve flexibility at low temperatures. In styrenic block copolymer-based systems Piccolastic? A5 associates strongly with the styrene endblocks, reducing melt viscosity and cohesion without greatly affecting tack and adhesion properties. Piccolastic? A5 is compatible with EVA grades with up to 30% vinyl acetate and will improve low temperature flexibility and reduce the melt viscosity of the system.


    • Adhesives/sealants-B&C
    • Bookbinding
    • Carpet construction
    • Case & carton sealing closings
    • Casting wax
    • Commerical printing inks
    • Concrete
    • Film modification
    • Hygiene adhesives
    • Labels non food contact
    • Marine
    • Packaging components non food contact
    • Packaging tape
    • Paper chemicals
    • Polymer modification
    • Protective coatings
    • Roofing
    • Solvent borne packaging adhesives
    • Specialty tape
    • Tape non food contact
    • Tires

    Key attributes

    • Light color
    • Liquid
    • Made from purified aromatic monomers
    • Non-migrating plasticizer

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